Who Am I?


Hi there kids! For those of you who don’t “know know” me, I am Andie! Andie the girl that is. I’m from Anaheim, CA. This is where my love of Disney began. I grew up going to Disneyland whenever I wanted and fully took advantage of being so close. When I was 23, I ventured out on my own and found myself in Atlanta. That was 11 years ago. I met my husband of 5 years here. We were married at Walt Disney World in October 2003. We have two fur babies, both Westies. Reddy is 7 and Bogey is 3.

I decided to start blogging because the things I sometimes want to say won’t fit in my Twitter 140 character feed. 🙂 Also, I feel it’s good therapy. Who doesn’t need therapy? Anyway, this blog won’t be PG. It’s a place for me to be myself…like it or not.

Our Disney Wedding

Our Disney Wedding

The mouse approving my tattoo

The mouse approving my tattoo

Bogey & Reddy

Bogey & Reddy


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